Do you need Christmas and New Year opening hours or other information added to your website?

With Christmas rapidly approaching (16 sleeps at the time of writing) we're taking a lot of requests for changes to add Christmas and New Year opening hours, festive menus, and special Christmas offers to the websites of our varied range of client website. It's best to keep your customers informed of any changes to your opening hours, or changes to contact arrangements over the Christmas...
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Business Christmas cards – are your competitors taking the lead?

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. Between now and the end of the year, your competitors are going to be focusing their marketing efforts on creating Christmas promotions. Why? To get more customers through their doors, visiting their websites, and most importantly, spending money. They’ll also be thinking about reminding their customers that they are...
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Grow your business with a responsive, mobile friendly, website

Responsive websites are viewed comfortably on any device available. Users of these websites should not need to resize or pan in order to make sense of the content they view. The need for scrolling should also be reasonable for such a website. Many organisations serve entirely different versions of their websites to users using mobile devices and desktop computers. Why go responsive As many people...
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Is your website software up to date? If not you could be opening your business to a world of risk

Firstly, it's important to understand that the reason hackers and cyber criminals want to exploit vulnerabilities in content management systems (CMS) and websites isn't necessarily just to steal all your user account, contact form, and other data, but also to infect your website visitors and users with malware.  Once the unsuspecting user is...
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The benefits of blogging for business

Why your business should be blogging to stay connected with your customers

As free advertising goes, a blog can be used very successfully to convey your personal or professional opinion on any type of topic. The term "blog" is an abbreviated form of "web log" and is simply a means of writing what flows through your mind. In fact you can include just about anything that streams through your mind. In many cases the blog's discussion depends on the...
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Our top 10 things to look for when selecting a Content Management System for your website

In this article we will list the most important things to look for in a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is crucial for small businesses and hobbyists looking to quickly create a professional looking website with advanced features such as site-wide search, article directory, blogging, document management, frequently asked questions, and message boards. Plus, a CMS usually provides regular...
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Keeping your website content up-to-date (or why a CMS helps you run a successful business online)

A website that is current and has everything that the visitor is looking for is bound to achieve success in terms of popularity and search engine ranking. This is the reason why businesses that take their online presence seriously, and invest in highly professional and result oriented website design that yields them amazing results in the beginning. However, every organisation grows over the...
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What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

First, a little history. In the beginning, there was plain old HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is the language used to create web pages. Next, there was CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which gave developers a way to format all the pages in a website with one file so that the look and feel was consistent from page to page. Finally, there was the ability to connect these together through a...
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Service status: Virgin Media outage affecting Internet and telephone facilities in our Swindon office [resolved]

Thursday 10th August 2017, 11:25 - The issues seem to have now been resolved and we now have a stable internet connection and working phones in our Swindon office. We'll be switching back to answering calls in Swindon shortly. Thursday 10th August 2017, 06:00 - We have partial internet access back in our Swindon office but due to continuing connection...
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A mobile-friendly site can generate almost double the average traffic per user

Here's a quick test for you: We'd like for you to see for yourself if your website is a mobile friendly, just click here to visit our mobile-friendly checker. Now, what did you see?  Is your web-site a mobile friendly (or as we sometimes call it 'finger-friendly')? According to recent studies, 80% of internet users own and search the web on their smartphones. If you’re...
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