WordPress 4.8 – An Update with You in Mind

Though some updates seem minor, they’ve been built by hundreds of contributors with you in mind. Get ready for new features you’ll welcome like an old friend: link improvements, three new media widgets covering images, audio, and video, an updated text widget that supports visual editing, and an upgraded news section in your dashboard which brings in nearby and...
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Drupal 7.56 and Drupal 8.3.4 – Security updates now available

Security releases for Drupal (Drupal 8 version 8.3.4 and Drupal 7 version 7.56) which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities are now available and it's advisable that any websites using earlier Drupal versions are upgraded as soon as possible to keep them secure and prevent hacks and unauthorised access, including information disclosure. We can upgrade...
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Paper weights (GSM) explained, with examples

When considering your design for your business card, you should also consider what weight of paper you wish your design to be printed on. The weight is important when designing business cards in particular because it gives the design a more sturdy/expensive feel. You want to set the right impression of your business through your card. Cheap, flimsy business cards may be fine for some people...
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Blogging helps you and your brand be seen as experts

When your business has a blog, you’ll have the opportunity to provide more in-depth information on your range of products and services; information that typically wouldn't appear on the main pages of your website. Creating well thought out knowledge based blog posts is a sure-fire way to boost your visitor numbers. For example, too much content surrounding a certain product or...
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5 tips to help you design a memorable business card

So how do you do you design a memorable business card that contacts will keep and remember, whilst giving a good impression of your brand? We’ve created a list of tips on how to get this essential marketing material right: 1. The simpler the better. Anything over-complicated will distract the reader, or influence the readability of the card altogether. 2. Make use of the white space. The...
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Print spotlight: Why do business cards work?

In a world where new marketing options are presented to us every day, one of the biggest challenges faced by marketing professionals is what to choose and what to leave as white noise.  Through thick and thin, the humble business card has remained strong and ever-present. With over 90,000 searches a month for ‘business cards’, it looks as though they’re not only here to...
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WordPress: Display a message or other text in a page or post only to logged in users

You can use this to post advice or reminders to logged in users when they need to perform different tasks. All you have to do is add the following anywhere in your theme you want to display the message. ​ Create a shortcode to detect logged in users To turn this into a shortcode so you can use it in your posts you can just use the below snippet add this into your functions.php page. To use...
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6 Reasons why Google My Business (previously Google Places) is essential for any business

If your business has an actual physical location, then one of the first things you need to do to promote your business is to use Google My Business. This service enables you to get listed on Google Maps. It sounds so simple, but the benefits are profound.  Here are some reasons why Google My Business is important for your business: Reviews make your business more relevant, and that will...
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What is NAP and why is it essential for SEO?

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. NAP is essential for businesses wishing to rank well in the local organic search results, because search engines like Google take NAP data into account when determining which companies to show for geographically targeted searches. What can businesses do with their NAP to boost their local search rankings? To start with, make sure that your NAP is...
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