First impressions are important, on that everyone agrees, but if your marketing plan ends after someone visits your website and makes an enquiry then you’re selling yourself short. In most cases it’s what follows that will convert a website visitor into a paying (and hopefully profitable!) long-term customer.

Your website should be a part of your marketing plan, not your whole marketing plan.

You may find it strange for a web design agency, but when it comes to our own marketing plan we place equal importance on online and digital marketing and offline methods of communicating our message to current and future clients.

Our website, landing pages, and email communications form only half of our marketing collateral, with the other half being a variety of printed materials that convey not only details of our services but also act to reinforce our brand.

How this works for us

For example, we try, wherever possible to follow-up with prospective clients not only via email but also by post. We send out hundreds of information packs each year, made up of brochures and information sheets tailored to the needs of each client.

Printed marketing materials sent via post not only act as a prompt to move along discussions about projects but also cut through the clutter of busy inboxes. In a digitally dominated industry such as ours we've found that using printed materials gives us a tangible presence to represent our services and acts to differentiate us from our competitors.

But isn't print costly?

Your business can achieve a lot, even with a limited print budget.

Putting together a brochure or booklet that can be used in many different circumstances and that contains information that has longevity is usually a better use of your marketing budget than getting a series of different leaflets printed as and when you need them. The cost tends to be comparable, especially with digital printing, but gives your customers a better impression of your business.

If you have a wide range of services or products you can make a great impression, and achieve consistency, by pre-printing A4 or A5 sheets that can be overprinted with different product or service details using a desktop inkjet or laser printer as an when required. This is a strategy used by estate agents for property information sheets and is becoming more popular with businesses across a lot of different industries.

Next steps

We can help with everything from advising you on offline and print marketing strategies to design and printing of your finished marketing materials. Get in touch for more details.

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