On the 11th October the WooCommerce team announced that WooCommerce 3.2, which has been in development since July, was now ready for deployment on websites!

WooCommerce 3.2 is a minor update, and all changes should be backwards compatible with 3.0 and 3.1 sites according to the WooCommerce team , but tit's still recommend to ensure extensions and themes are compatible before upgrading by testing on a staging site, and making backups for peace of mind.

New features for store owners and operators

There are a lot of new things in this release to make your experience more pleasant; here’s a list of things you may notice whilst using WooCommerce:

  • There are now more accessible enhanced select boxes, with keyboard and improved screen-reader support available in admin and on the checkout.
  • WooCommerce have simplified the ability to resend order details to customers by including one option to “resend” on the edit order page.
  • The wizard has been revamped to help with shipping, payment gateways, and opt-in to services like automatic taxes and shipping labels. You’ll notice this if you setup a new store on WooCommerce in the future.
  • WooCommerce have added drag and drop sorting on the grouped product field to control display order of products on the frontend.
  • The product category filter on the products screen has been AJAXified to avoid the need to load all categories at once. This helps resolve some scaling issues.
  • When showing search results, WooCommerce have added back the sorting dropdown. This defaults to sorting by relevance rather than date.
  • WooCommerce have added a new option to control the maximum depth of categories shown in the product category widget.
  • In order to make it easier for customers who use a large number of WooCommerce.com extensions on their stores WooCommerce have added some new filters allowing you filter extensions by status.
  • There is also a new notification icon under the Extension menu item, as well as the ​​​My Subscriptions tab, indicating the count of extensions that can be updated.

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