It's the start of the new financial year and that means that the email scam emails switch from pretending to be from diplomats and foreign bankers to something a little easier to be fooled by.

Over the past week we've received a number of scam emails claiming to be from HMRC asking for information to process tax refund.  The email has a form attached that asks for personal information along with credit card details "to enable the refund to be processed".

As always, any email that you're not expecting and that claims to be from a government department, multi-national institution, bank, or for that matter anyone who wants to give you money for nothing should be treated with skepticism.

Remember, if in doubt phone the organisation mentioned in the email on a number from existing paperwork or from their official website and ask if the email is genuine.  Never, ever, phone a number in the email itself – it's likely to be answered by the scammers and they'll obviously assure you that there is nothing to worry about and promptly empty your bank account when you give them your details.

Click here to view an example of the scam email claiming to be from HMRC.

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