Protection against viruses, malware and ransomware with Bitdefender, The #1 Ranked Anti-Virus Software

Featuring a simple yet powerful web console for you to protect, manage and control, our Bitdefender package is based on the GravityZone architecture built for supreme business security.

Features include:

  • Low cost, monthly subscription with no big up-front outlay
  • Support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems
  • Protection against viruses, malware and ransomware with Advanced Threat Control
  • Real-time control of remote users through the cloud management console
  • Endpoint Security Relay for efficient distribution of products and updates through the network
  • Centrally monitor security using on-demand or scheduled reports from the console dashboard
  • Two-way firewall with intrusion detection and prevention to block hijack attempts*
  • User web and application control to restrict or block access to webpages*
  • Remote and local quarantine management accessible from the web console
  • Sensitive data protection to prevent the loss of confidential data*

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* Windows version only