WordPress website on laptop screen close up

Will your WordPress site continue to work after 9th March jQuery update?

WordPress core is making the jump from jQuery 1.12.4 to jQuery 3.5.1! This is a huge offer for great deals of factors– like modern-day functions, much better DX, and security enhancements among others. Now, the strategy is to launch the upgrade in WordPress 5.7, which is due to launch on March 9, leaving very little time to get sites ready, especially if automatic updates are installed or if...
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WordPress now powers over 40% of the world’s websites

The world's most popular CMS continues to grow and new data from W3Techs has revealed that 40 percent of the web or two out of every five websites now use WordPress. While there are plenty of WordPress alternatives including Shopify and Squarespace, WordPress is still in a league of its own. This is because, in addition to the sites powered by WordPress, an ecosystem has been built up around...
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