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Do you need Christmas and New Year opening hours or other information added to your website?

With Christmas rapidly approaching (16 sleeps at the time of writing) we're taking a lot of requests for changes to add Christmas and New Year opening hours, festive menus, and special Christmas offers to the websites of our varied range of client website.

It's best to keep your customers informed of any changes to your opening hours, or changes to contact arrangements over the Christmas and New Year period and we're here to help. In most cases a quick change will cost from £16.25 to £32.50 (depending on how your website is set up) including the cost of removing the changes in the New Year.

Just drop a line to your account manager or if you're trying us out for the first time just email the team on hello@obrienmedia.co.uk to arrange your required changes - we'll also make a note to remove any Christmas or New Year specific information from your website in the New Year.

Christmas 2017 and New Year Opening Hours

Our team will be taking a bit of a break over the Christmas and New Year period and we'll be closed for project work from 5:30pm on Friday 22nd December and resuming normal hours from Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Our client reception team will continue to take calls over the festive period if you have any urgent requests.

We've updated our privacy and cookie usage policies

Ahead of the upcoming introduction of the Europe wide General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short) in May 2018 we've updated the language in our privacy policy and cookie usage policy. This change is effective from the 28th November 2017.

Keep your WordPress or Drupal website up-to-date to stay safe from hackers

WordPress & Drupal sites are prime targets for hackers. These hackers don't want to bring you down because they dislike you, in fact most of these hacks originate from bots crawling the web, looking for WordPress and Drupal sites that are vulnerable. If the bots identify your site as a WordPress or Drupal site, they will then set up shop and start looking for vulnerabilities. 

Unfortunately, most people don't take this topic seriously until after their site or sites have been hacked. It is only then that they realize that they may lose days of work just trying to regain control over their sites. More importantly, if Google identifies your site as being compromised, they will down grade your site in the search results

Business Christmas cards - are your competitors taking the lead?

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. Between now and the end of the year, your competitors are going to be focusing their marketing efforts on creating Christmas promotions. Why? To get more customers through their doors, visiting their websites, and most importantly, spending money. They’ll also be thinking about reminding their customers that they are here to help. It’s all about having a sales and marketing eye on more business in 2018. So where do Company Christmas Cards fit in with that marketing plan?