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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Camilo Pires

NHS Covid Pass – what this means for you!

The government has announced a new ‘NHS Covid Pass’ which will be needed to access certain venues in England, such as nightclubs. This blog post will outline what the NHS Covid Pass means and how you can get one!

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Camilo Pires

Make sure to keep your router safe this summer warn ISPs!

As you would have seen on our blog yesterday, the UK (and Wiltshire specifically!) are suffering from extreme heat. Virgin Media O2 has warned about the heat affecting WiFi routers (which has actually affected us here at OBM!) so it’s an important issue to consider! This blog post will highlight the dangers and how you can ensure your WiFi router survives the hot weather!

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Camilo Pires

How to ensure you remain safe on social media!

Nowadays, we all use a form of social media – some of us have had profiles for years that have the most personal of information – from our favourite interests to photos of our loved ones. All of this shared personal data makes it easier for hackers to use tactics such as social engineering to gain access to these pieces of data! This blog post will highlight how a hacker is able to use your data and how you can ensure you remain safe.

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