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Adverse weather conditions in Swindon - March 2018

Due to adverse weather conditions in Swindon and the surrounding area, some of our staff couldn't make it into work today, so we're running on limited resources. This may mean it takes longer than usual to answer calls and respond to emails. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.

3 common SEO myths debunked

It’s 2018, and SEO (search engine optimisation) should be a key elements of your digital marketing strategy. So, what does it take to rank high in the search engines? Sure, you’ll read about all kinds of ways to improve your search engine rankings. However, many factors conflict with others, leaving business owners to question whether or not we should choose one strategy or another. Below are three common SEO myths that have been proven wrong, along with some real-life examples to debunk.

Drupal 7.57 and Drupal 8.4.5 - Critical security update for Drupal websites - upgrade today

Critical security updates for Drupal (Drupal 8 version 8.4.5 and Drupal 7 version 7.57) have been released and it is essential that any websites using earlier Drupal versions are upgraded as soon as possible to keep them secure and prevent hacks and unauthorised access, including information disclosure, content tampering, and unauthorised file uploads.

We can upgrade your Drupal website for you with our cost effective Drupal upgrade service. Contact us for more details or if you're an O'Brien Media website hosting customer you can view your Drupal version information and request an upgrade via Client Connect, just log in and access the "My products" section for more information. 

WordPress update bug advisory - what you need to do if your website is stuck on WordPress 4.9.3

Ordinarily, a minor WordPress update would come and go with little attention being paid to it. These minor updates usually fix a range of small bugs in one push or patch WordPress against a newly emerging security threat. However, the update from WordPress 4.9.2 to 4.9.3 did not go as smoothly as Indeed. and was rapidly pulled from public access just hours after the worldwide release. The reason? A pretty major bug had been introduced along with the update which prevents automated updates to future versions of WordPress.  While it's nothing major in itself, you must manually update to keep receiving future automated updates or else your website will be stuck on version 4.9.3 until you manually update.

For our monthly and quarterly website updates and maintenance/support contract customers, we have already applied the update and you need to take no action. If you are not a monthly customer and would rather leave this stuff to the professionals, you can request a complimentary review of your site by getting in touch via email or calling us on 01793 230654.

3 reasons why your website may not be converting visitors into paying customers...

How do you measure the success of your website? Conversion.

You could have heaps of visitors heading to your site, but those visits don’t really matter if you aren’t converting them into paying customers. All other traffic is essentially wasted.

Are you finding yourself with a lot of website visitor traffic, selling desirable services at competitive prices, but with very few paying customers? Then read on to find out why your site isn’t converting and what you can do about it.