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Insider Blog

Tom Furmanski

A new look for Google Mobile Search (May 2019)

Google’s goal with Search always has been to help people quickly and easily find the information that they’re looking for. The information available on the web have changed drastically and mobile search now has a new look to help searchers find what they’re looking for!

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Branding your business
Chris Grant

Don’t want the hassle of a custom paint job? Try car magnets instead

While the cost, and permanence of a custom paint job, or vehicle wrap, isn’t within the budget of most small businesses (or to0 the liking of family members, or the company you lease your car from!) car magnets bridge the gap and allow you to brand your vehicles quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank.

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Chris Grant

European payments are changing from September 14, 2019

Beginning September 14, 2019, PSD2 regulation will require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments made by European customers, to help reduce fraud. To ensure payments will not be declined, businesses will need to build an extra layer of authentication into online card payments, unless transaction-specific exemptions apply.

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