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SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, and Marketing Response Numbers

SMS and Email Marketing Megastars
We know how to run a successful marketing campaign and how crucial it can be for your business!

SMS and Email marketing is used every single day by companies across the world!​ Get in touch today or find out more about our service offering below…

SMS Marketing

SMS text message marketing is quickly becoming the marketing method of choice to communicate special offers and time sensitive information to customers of businesses and organisations of all sizes.  

With open rates of over 95% and an average time to open of under 6 seconds it’s easy to see how your business could be missing out by not using text marketing to promote your products and services to your customers and prospective customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a quick and easy way to get your business offers and information in front of your customers – we usually recommend Moosend for most businesses, as a fully hosted service with excellent deliverability rates and an easy-to-use interface.

We can help you get started by creating email templates and showing you how to create and send your campaigns and manage your mailing list!

Marketing Response Tracking

We can also provide you with dedicated telephone numbers, either in a local area code of your choice or a non-geographic 03 or 04 number, to use in your marketing campaigns or even on your website, which connect your callers to your landline or mobile.

This allows you to see who is calling you from where and means you can save money by changing or ending marketing campaigns that aren’t working while putting more of your marketing spend into campaigns that are generating calls.

This is a bespoke service for our marketing customers, we don’t provide telephone numbers for general use.

Your contact for marketing services is...

Call us on 01793 239239 to discuss your marketing requirements!

Benefits of using SMS and Email Marketing!

Increase brand awareness

Marketing your brand through these platforms mean that more pople become aware of it! This awareness can lead to use of your services as well as recommendations!

Target the right people

You can create personalised marketingcommunications specific to the user, by including their name and new related items based on previous orders - will make the customer feel more valued!

Better Customer Satisfaction

Customers want to see businesses having an established profile where they can see an active business., If they are able to easily see your products and offers, they will more likely become a loyal customer!

The power to go global

Emails and SMS marketing can be sent around the world the world - people in the opposite side of the world can see your emails, so this means more people using your products and services!

One platform, many possibilities

Having marketing across these platforms mean that posts can be made so that they are specific to that platform and utilise it in the best possible way!

Your content on any device

Emails and SMS messages are accessible on multiple devices and are viewed constantly by people, so you can ensure that people take notice!

Call us on 01793 239239 to discuss your marketing requirements!