We’re always looking for people who are enthusiastic about technology and finding creative solutions to help others.

We hire people with a wide range of expertises — from those with no formal academic qualifications or those from fields entirely outside of technology to people with advanced degrees. Skills like methodical thinking and knowledge sharing are just as important to us as education or experience.

Our current job openings

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  • We provide training opportunities through online learning programmes and allow team members the freedom to identify training courses that they think would benefit them rather than a “one size fits all” approach.
  • We recognise that everyone has their own ideal way of working. If there’s something we can do to provide a better working environment, we will go the extra mile. Some of us use noise-canceling headphones, others have adaptations to their desk, chair or other equipment. Sometimes a small accommodation can go a long way to making people comfortable and productive.
  • All team members have access to free snacks (healthy and otherwise) along with a range of hot and cold drinks.

All of this (and more) is included when you become a team member. Most importantly, we believe in listening and adapting. Every member of the team has the freedom to offer input on how we can do better.