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Inclusion Policy

The following policy highlights O’Brien Media’s commitment to inclusion across our business: both to potential applicants and to staff.

We are a Disability Confident Leader and our business commits to the following policies:

To applicants, we commit to:

• Actively attracting and recruiting disabled people to help fill your opportunities (including jobs, apprenticeships, internships, work experience, etc.
• Providing a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process
• Offering an interview to disabled people who meet the minimum criteria for the job.
• Being flexible when assessing people so disabled job applicants have the best opportunity to demonstrate that they can do the job.
• Advertising vacancies and other opportunities through organisations and media aimed particularly at disabled people

To employees, we commit to:

• Proactively offering and making reasonable adjustments as required.
• Ensuring employees have sufficient disability equality awareness training.
• Providing an environment that is inclusive and accessible for staff, clients and customer.
• Offering other innovative and effective approaches to encourage disabled people to apply for opportunities and supporting them when they do.
• Supporting employees to manage their disabilities or health conditions.
• Ensuring there are no barriers to the development and progression of disabled staff.
• Ensuring managers are aware of how they can support staff who are sick or absent from work.
• Valuing and listening to feedback from disabled staff.
• Providing mentoring, coaching, buddying and or other support networks for staff.
• Including disability awareness equality training in our induction process.
• Guiding staff to information and advice on mental health conditions.
• Providing occupational health services if required.
• Providing all team members with specific Disability Confident training

As a business, we ensure that we are:

• Promoting a culture of being Disability Confident.
• Encouraging our suppliers and partner firms to be Disability Confident.
• Identifying and sharing good practice.
• Reviewing this Disability Confident employer inclusion self-assessment regularly. (At least annually)

We encourage all businesses and partners to be become ’Disability Confident’. You can find out more about this Government-backed scheme here.