Standard hosting features and quota, general scale of charges, and account fees

As an O’Brien Media customer you have the option of having your website hosted on our servers, our hosting platform is designed to be flexible and is configured to provide fast and stable hosting for your Drupal (or plain HTML) website.

As standard, hosting accounts come with the following for hosting accounts, unless otherwise advised in writing:

  • 5 Email Mailboxes (accessible via IMAP, POP3 and SMTP) with SSL/TLS security
  • 1GiB Disk Space (Inode limit of 7500)*
  • 5GiB monthly data transfer (FTP, website and email traffic to and from your website)
  • 1 MySQL database

We have a flexible approach to hosting services and each site is configured independently with no “hard” limits (so your website won’t go offline if you go over your data transfer limit!) – we’ll contact you to discuss upgrading your hosting if this is required. You can access real-time disk space usage statistics for your website via the “Dashboard” link when you are logged in to your website if you are a WordPress Hosting customer with our Midas Connect plugin installed.

We can also offer virtual server hosting, this is where your website is allocated a portion of a server but you have exclusive use of this virtual machine allowing greater control over server resources and fine-tuning of settings to accommodate more specialised website configurations.  If you would like any further information about your hosting service please get in touch.

* Disk space, data transfer, and inode quotas are shared between your website and your email accounts.

Additional resources price list

 Add-on  Price (yearly contract) Price (overages)
Additional 1GiB of disk space (standard) £24.00/year £3.50/month
Additional 0.25GiB of disk space (solid state) £24.00/year £3.50/month
Additional Email Mailboxes (each) £6.00/year not available
Additional 1GiB of data transfer £12.00/year £3.50/month
Additional 10GiB of data transfer £95.00/year not available
Additional 50GiB of data transfer £495/year not available
Additional 1 MySQL Database £24.00/year not available
Increase inode limit POA

Overage charges

We’ll send you automated notifications when you’re approaching your quota for any limit, and when you exceed your limit. Please be aware that these notifications are generated daily, with new usage data becoming available between midnight and 03:00, so if you expect to be moving a lot of data to or from your website via FTP or you expect a large spike in visitor traffic to your website you may exceed your allowance before we send you a notification. Invoices for overage charges are raised on the 1st of the month after the overage charge is incurred and requires immediate payment.

WordPress hosting customers who have our Midas Connect plugin installed can monitor disk space, database size, and memory usage in real-time from the WordPress dashboard.

Inode limit increases

If you need to increase the inode limit on your account this will involve upgrading your hosting service to the next level, we may also need to move your website to a different server.

Service and administration charges

Service or reason for the charge Fee
Manual payment administration charge

This charge covers the costs associated with manually processing your payment an applies to manual payments regardless of the payment method.

Returned Direct Debit administration charge

If a Direct Debit payment is returned unpaid by your bank, and if we incur costs associated with this, we may apply this charge to cover our costs.

Max. £12.00/charge
Postal document charge, e.g. for a postal invoice

We communicate with our customers using email to keep costs low. If you would like paper copies of documents, invoices, or payment receipts we advise you to print these yourself as these will be identical to the documents we can send you by post. If you would like printed copies, or if we are unable to make contact with you via email, we may cover our costs by applying this charge.

Last updated byIvan Molina on 16th March 2022