What is the three-month rolling agreement and why is it different to my monthly payment cycle?

A three-month rolling agreement is a contractual arrangement where your commitment to our services lasts for three months, but this agreement renews every month.

It is important to distinguish this from your monthly billing cycle.

While your account may be billed on a monthly basis for the services rendered, the three-month rolling agreement pertains to the duration of your ongoing commitment to our services.

Essentially, your payments are processed monthly, but your contractual commitment extends three months into the future and is renewed every month.

Here’s a summary to illustrate the difference:

  • Three-Month Rolling Agreement: You are committed to using our services for three months at a time, and this commitment renews every month, maintaining a continuous three-month commitment period.
  • Monthly Billing Cycle: You receive an invoice and make payments on a monthly basis for the services provided.

This arrangement offers flexibility and ensures uninterrupted service while providing a clear, ongoing commitment structure.

Last updated byChris Grant (he/him)Chris Grant (he/him) on 22nd May 2024