How to View the Full Message Headers of an Email

The purpose of this article is to show how to view the full message headers of an email on Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Mail to aid with diagnosing email related delivery issues.


  1. Open the message in your Gmail inbox.
  2. Click the down-arrow in the top-right corner of the message.
  3. Click the “Show original” link toward the bottom of the options box. The message will open in a separate window with the full message headers at the top.
  4. you can use the “Download original” link to download the message in plain text format with the headers intact. This can then be attached to a new email and sent to support.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open the message in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click Options (2007) or Tags (2010/2013).
  3. You’ll see the headers in the “Internet Headers” box.

Yahoo Mail

  1. Open the email message in your Yahoo Mail inbox.
  2. Click the “Full Headers” link located in the lower-right corner of the email message.

Note: If instructions for your email program aren’t listed above, please check your program’s help information for instructions on viewing message headers.

Last updated byChris Grant (he/him)Chris Grant (he/him) on 29th February 2020