Drupal CMS Software Updates for O'Brien Media Clients

From time to time your Drupal website will need to have software updates installed in much the same way as your computer needs updates in order for it to work at it’s best.

There are two types of Drupal update:

  1. Updates to the “core” drupal software (like upgrading the version of Microsoft Windows or macOS on your computer)
  2. Updates to Drupal modules (like updates to your printer drivers or other software that works in conjunction with Microsoft Windows)

Drupal module updates are released on a monthly basis, or as an when major security issues are found to exist in Drupal modules. These updates are the most frequently released type of update for Drupal.

The other type of updates are Drupal core updates, this is the same as updating your computer from one version of Microsoft Windows (or Mac OS) to the next) – these are released less frequently and come in two forms, feature updates and security updated.

  • Feature upgrades are totally optional and we will let you know (via email) as and when these are available and offer to install them for you.
  • Security upgrades are required under the terms of your website hosting agreement, we will contact you when these are required giving you notice that the upgrade needs to be applied, you can do this yourself or we can take care of the upgrade for you (this is a chargeable service).

You can of course upgrade Drupal yourself, using the FTP credentials provided in your site user guide – additional instructions on how to upgrade Drupal can be found on the Drupal website at https://drupal.org/upgrade

If you would like more information on how we keep your Drupal site up to date and secure drop us a line.

Switching off Drupal update reminder emails

If you’d like to switch off Drupal update reminder emails please raise a support request (either via Client Connect or via email to [email protected]) and we’ll arrange for reminder emails to be switched off for your account. Please note that this will disable reminders for all of your services with O’Brien Media Ltd.

Last updated byChris Grant (he/him)Chris Grant (he/him) on 29th February 2020