Changing the TFTP server address of a Cisco 7937 Conference Phone

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is the IP address setting used to reboot a phone when the phone requests a download of its configuration file and firmware.

To change the TFTP address on the Cisco model 7937 phones, use the following instructions:

  1. Press the Globe Button to the left of the keypad.
  2. Press 2 for Settings, and then 2 for Network Configuration.
  3. If the padlock in the upper right corner of the screen is locked, press * * # to unlock.
  4. Scroll to option 15. If it is set to No, press the “Select” soft key.
  5. Using the up and down arrows, choose “Enable” and then press the “Select” soft key.
  6. Scroll to option 13 and press the “Select” soft key.
  7. Use the back arrow soft key (<<)
  8. Use the keypad to type the “TFTP” address to equal the value of your desired cluster.
    • Make sure to type the periods “.” that separate the numeric TFTP values.
  9. Press “Validate” and then”Save“.

Your phone will now reboot with the TFTP address you have entered.

Last updated byIvan MolinaIvan Molina on 16th March 2022