Configure Mozilla Thunderbird to access your email account

This tutorial will show you how to set up your email account in Mozilla Thunderbird.


You have Mozilla Thunderbird installed on your computer.

Start Thunderbird and open the setup wizard via File > New > Existing Email Account.

Enter your nameemail address and email password now.

Hint: If you do not want your password to be saved, uncheck Save Password.

Confirm your entries with Continue.

Thunderbird now automatically searches for the email servers in the Mozilla ISP database and enters our servers.

You can now choose whether you want to retrieve your emails via IMAP or POP.

Hint: We recommend that you use IMAP, as the emails remain on the server and can be retrieved, for example, on the go with your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Last updated byIvan MolinaIvan Molina on 21st March 2022