Signing your O'Brien Media web design contract with Adobe Sign on a mobile device

Signing your O’Brien Media web design contract, or other documents, is handled via Adobe Sign allowing digital signatures to be used and speeding up the process of contract completion.

The below steps show you how to do this on a mobile device.

Signing on a mobile device

Adobe document form

First, you'll get an email from your sales contact at O'Brien Media, sent by Adobe Sign. Click the "Review and Sign" button in the email to head over to the Adobe Sign system to review and sign the contract digitally.

Adobe document form

You'll be shown a "Consent to do business electronically" screen before being taken to the contract. This contains two links (in blue) that need to be clicked on to open Adobe Sign's terms and conditions.

Click these and review the terms pages.

Adobe document form

Once you've reviewed the Terms of Use and Consumer Disclosure pages they'll show white ticks next to them and a checkbox to confirm you're agreement will be shown. Check the "I agree to the Terms of use..." checkbox and the "Accept" button will be displayed.

Click the Accept button and you can proceed to the O'Brien Media contract.

Web design and development service contract front page

After accepting the T&C's for Adobe Sign you'll be shown the contract first page - scroll down through the document or click the "Start" button to be taken to the signature section.

Adobe document form

Tap the signature area, as shown, to sign the document. This is shown in more details in the following step...

Adobe document sign

You can then sign either by using your finger on your mobile device screen or by typing your name (choose "Draw" or "Type" at the top of the screen to change your signing option.Then type your name in the box below and click "Apply" to continue.

small print text

When you've completed all of the signature fields you'll see a "Finish" button at the top of the screen. Click this to confirm your signature and sign the document.

Abode sign in on a mobile

And you're done! We'll be notified that you've signed your contract and we'll counter-sign on behalf of O'Brien Media Limited. You'll then get a confirmation email containing the counter-signed agreement and we'll be ready to go!

Problems or paper copies

If you have any problems signing your agreement online, or you’d prefer to sign and return a paper copy of the agreement, just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you with the process.

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