User guide: O'Brien Media Voicemail Service

About O’Brien Media Voicemail

The O’Brien Media Voicemail Service offers a highly flexible, highly capable voice mail system. Among the features that it offers are:

  • Three different types of greetings – Away, Busy, and Temporary (that overrides the standard greetings)
  • Notification of new messages through email that includes an audio file containing the complete message
  • Ability to organize messages into folders
  • Mailboxes are PIN and password protected
  • It can optionally allow callers to review and re-record messages

Accessing the voicemail system

You can access the voicemail system to record your greetings, change your pin, and listen to messages using the below number.

Voicemail access: 0844 774 1571 (outside of the UK +44 (0) 1793 239670)

Download the user guide

O’Brien Media Voicemail Service Userguide (PDF)

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