Website support costs and charges relating to website changes

Support charges after your website has been completed

We have a flat fee of £65 per hour (as of January 2021), billed in 15-minute increments for the tasks that need completing on your website. This charge may differ if you have a support agreement or a formally agreed support rate.

If you do not have a support agreement we will inform you of the charges for the work you request and you will need to confirm that you accept the charges before we start work. We may ask for a deposit or payment in advance depending on the standing of your account and how much work we have done together in the past.

Checking your support minutes

Our services don’t contain support unless formally agreed, this is normally in the form of a support agreement for a certain amount of support minutes per month. Your monthly minutes will show in the products section of Client Connect and on your monthly service invoice.

Requesting changes

Changes need to be requested via email to [email protected] and should have the website address/domain name in the subject line and preferably be sent from the email address on your account to ensure that our team is alerted to your request immediately.

Website hosting overage and extras

You can find our website hosting overage and extras charges here.

Last updated byChris Grant on 31st January 2021