Website support costs and charges relating to website changes and service cancellations

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Support charges after your website has been completed

We have a flat fee of £70.00 per hour (as of July 2024), billed per minute* for the tasks that need completing on your website.

This charge may differ if you have a website support agreement or a formally agreed support rate as we will bill any additional support time at your support agreement rate, rather than our current rate. This is just another way that we like to thank customers with website support agreements.

We may ask for a deposit or payment in advance depending on the standing of your account, any missed or late payments, and how much work we have done together in the past. We will always explain the reason for any deposit or payment in advance if you contact our team.

Support time, how we calculate charges

Our services don’t contain support time unless formally agreed, this is normally in the form of a website support agreement for a certain amount of support minutes per month. All time our team spends working on requests relating to your website or service with us is chargeable. Any support minutes are billed at the start of the following month.

We began more detailed tracking of support time usage in December 2022 and, as of July 2024, we are raising invoices for extra support time manually rather than through our automated systems so that we can take any additional factors into account when raising the invoice for your extra support time.

Requesting changes

Changes need to be requested via email to [email protected] and should have the website address/domain name in the subject line and preferably be sent from the email address on your account to ensure that our team is alerted to your request immediately.

Changes that are not covered by any website support agreements on your account will be chargeable at the rate agreed at the time the support agreement was put in place. You can check this via our Client Connect portal by logging in with your customer number and password (or email address and password) and viewing the Support Agreement section.

Website hosting overage and extras

We have a dedicated page covering hosting overages and extra, chargeable, options and features.

Website hosting overages and costs


Your agreements for any of our services will be on a three-monthly rolling basis, depending on your billing cycle this three-month rolling contract/agreement may be renewed monthly or quarterly (3 monthly), unless otherwise agreed in writing between yourself and us. Payment is made monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on your agreement but the renewal period is always yearly.

We require 28 days’ notice, in writing from the account holder, to cancel any agreement and any remaining time on your agreement will become due at the time of cancellation.

Where your service is on a VPS (virtual server) there may be additional cancellation costs – we can clarify these at any time if you contact our team.


*As of February 2023, previously this was billed in 15-minute blocks.

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