How do I know if a call, text, or email from O'Brien Media is real?

Emails and email addresses

You can then confirm if the team member is from O’Brien Media by checking their email address, which may include one of the following:


Some email addresses we send from may look strange, these are emails sent from our Midas helpdesk system that allow us to keep your messages together and track an issue or query through to completion. These email addresses will look something like the following:

These are legitimate email addresses, and you can safely reply to the message. If you are unsure, you can email [email protected] to check or call us on one of the phone numbers below and we will be happy to confirm if the email is legitimate.

We began making a change to a new format of notification email in January 2023 – you can find out more, and view an example of the new format, here.

Phone calls and phone numbers

Phone calls from our team will show one of the following numbers in most cases unless the team member is calling from their direct line, if you are unsure take the representative’s name and/or extension number and call our head office on one of the numbers below:

  • We may call, or text, you from the following numbers:
    • 01793 239239 (+441793239239, 01793239239)
    • 01793 230654 (+441793230654, 01793230654)
    • 020 3642 6870 (+442036426870, 02036426870)

If you are called by a member of the O’Brien Media team and want to confirm they are a genuine caller you can always ask for their extension number, this will be six digits and can be entered when you call us on 01793 239239 at the “If you know the extension of the person you are trying to reach, please dial it now…” prompt.

SMS text and WhatsApp messages

We send SMS text messages in some cases; these will always come from the sender “OBrienMedia” and the first line of the message will contain “O’Brien Media Ltd: 01793239239”.

We no longer have a two-way text messaging service as part of our helpdesk, this was discontinued in March 2023 due to low usage levels and a 1000% price increase by the number provider. We will continue to evaluate the provision of two-way messing via SMS as part of our customer communication strategy and if demand returns for the service, we will identify a more cost-effective method of providing this facility.

WhatsApp messages will always come from 07869 359486 (+447869359486 or 07869359486)

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