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Letter of Instruction


This document is an example of a letter of engagement. If a charity, community interest company, or other committee controlled organization engages with O’Brien Media this document can be used as a template for a letter of engagement. 

This document, or another letter of engagement, is not required in all cases and does not need to be completed for other agreements and contractual arrangements to be valid.

To O’Brien Media,

I am writing to instruct O’Brien Media and its affiliates and agents on behalf of the below-named organisation to act based on instructions and requests communicated in writing via email.

I understand that the terms and conditions, contracts, and agreements outlined at https://obrienmedia.co.uk/legal are applicable to this agreement between us. Should I have any questions about the relevant or applicable legal document I will raise this before making a request.

I understand that, unless expressly agreed in writing, technical support is chargeable if there is no service agreement in place on the account.

Yours faithfully,

Download this document

Reference: OB8371LOI

SAMPLE Letter of Instruction/Letter of Engagement (PDF)

SAMPLE Letter of Instruction/Letter of Engagement (DOCX)

Document validity:

If used, this document requires a participation stamp, a digital signature from the customer, and approval by an authorised representative of O’Brien Media Limited to be valid.

Letter of Instruction/Letter of Engagement (Form for Signature) 

Sign this document

You can use the button below to begin the process of signing a letter of authorisation if directed to by a member of our team. Please do not being the signing process unless directed to do so as we will discard any unexpected notifications.

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