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Local Search and SEO in Swindon (Search Engine Optimisation)

Swindon SEO & Local Search Experts

We are passionate about SEO at O'Brien Media, and we bring that passion to helping your business reach as wide an audience as possible online!

We understand the impact that amazing SEO can have on your website. Get in touch today or find out more about your website’s SEO performance…

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It's important to be at the top of the search rankings

A website must be optimized for search engines (SEO) in order to rank on Google. Showing up high in Google’s organic search demonstrates your site’s relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. To stay at the top, your website needs to implement the latest SEO practices.

Our SEO techniques are proven to increase brand awareness and business through higher rankings and more traffic. SEO has the greatest long-term ROI among all marketing channels.

Local search is also key as it ensures that people that are local to you are able to easily discover your business.

Call us on 01793 239239 to discuss your SEO requirements!

Call us on 01793 239239 to discuss your SEO requirements!

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

SEO agencies specialize in improving search engine rankings for websites, businesses, and individuals. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo use hundreds of ranking factors to determine what results to present every time someone types in a search term. The number of daily searches is estimated at over 6 billion. As well as constant updates, these algorithms remain top-secret. Therefore, SEO is a highly specialized skill and is an investment for businesses that want to receive more highly targeted traffic to their sites.

It can be anything from one month to six months, depending on a number of different factors. For example, if you want to rank for your own brand and you have an established website, it can take just a few weeks if there is limited competition. It may take 6 months if you have an unoptimized domain, no backlinks, and you are competing for a high volume, high difficulty keyword or phrase.
Understanding that SEO is a long-term investment is useful, even if it reduces your reliance on advertising.
Once the SEO audit has been completed, we will need to make changes to your website. Therefore, we would need access to your content management system (e.g. WordPress). For us to gain access, we have a specific secure login procedure.

A Google algorithm update can have a significant impact on businesses from all industries every now and then. We are kept informed of these updates through a number of tried and trusted channels. Our award-winning agency team can then react accordingly and implement any necessary measures to keep you in the top spot.

SEO produces a higher ROI than PPC! It makes sense to use PPC when you’re first launching your company – it’s a great way to build brand awareness and get your name out there. On the whole, SEO traffic can provide a better ROI than paid media in the long run and certainly costs less than PPC. We can help with that if you want. If you’re interested, give us a call today.

You can count on us! Email [email protected] or email [email protected] if you already have an account.

Call us on 01793 239239 to discuss your SEO requirements!

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Call us on 01793 239239 to discuss your SEO requirements!

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Google homepage on the screen under a magnifying glass.
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Call us on 01793 239239 to discuss your SEO requirements!

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