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All about Client Connect

Be in control with Client Connect

One of our core values is being transparent with our customers - that's why we love Client Connect!

We are extremely proud of our Client Connect service, built in-house to give every O’Brien Media customer access to their account information!

Client Connect account on OBrien Media

What is Client Connect?

It is a bespoke system, developed by our Swindon based team that allows you to see everything you would would want to see relating to your account whenever you want to! 

From your current balance, your helpdesk tickets and downloading invoices – you do all this without having to speak to one of the team! 

Even though we love speaking to our customers we know that sometimes you just want to get things done without having to speak to someone – that’s why we created Client Connect!

Website Stats & Analytics

In addition to the (slightly boring) information on your account status, billing, and helpdesk tickets, Client Connect also gives you access to your website statistics report – in real-time! 

You can click on the “Website stats” button and select from any sites that we provide support for or host, and access a wealth of information about how your website is performing.

client report of OBrien Media on a desktop
Techies logo

Shortlisted as finalists for a Techie in 2021

We were selected as a finalist for Swindon and Wiltshire’s Technology Awards – The Techies – for Client Connect and how it improves user experience – you can find out more on our blog.

Haven't heard about Client Connect?

Your contact for Client Connect questions is...

Chris is the lead developer of our Midas platform, which we use to manage all aspects of our business, and the Client Connect system which is the customer-facing part of Midas. Having worked on Midas, and Client Connect, for over a decade it’s a creation that Chris is very proud of and allows us to keep true to our philosophy of transparency. 

Have questions? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help!