Just a brief warning about a new (to me at least) domain name renewal scam that seems to be doing the rounds.

This one comes from a sender with the name "Domain Registration Ending" (email address [email protected]) and is very generic (view the email) – as these type of scam emails tend to be – in the hope that you'll assume it's a legitimate email informing you you need to renewal your domain name registration.

However, the links in the email take you to an unsecure website that asks for your credit card details and will, at best, result in your domain name being transferred away from your current registrar at an extortionate price or at worst you losing control of your domain name altogether and being charged for the privilege!

Remember, your domain name is the key to your business online, keep the following in mind when dealing with your domain name(s):

  1. Make a note of who you registered your domain name with along with their contact details
  2. Put your domain name renewal dates on your calendar and in your diary (with a reminder at least two weeks before the renewal date)
  3. Always contact your domain registration provider if you receive an email that takes you to an unknown website asking for your domain to be renewed
  4. Be proactive in maintaining your domain registration – renew well before the expiry date, use auto-renewal options if available and always check your renewal is up to date
  5. You can never be too cautious (or paranoid!) when it comes to maintaining your domain name registration!


Updated 12th June 2012 – Add "[email protected]" to the list of email addresses being used for this scam.

Updated 1st June 2012 – The email address "[email protected]" also seems to be generating the same fake domain renewal emails.


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