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What is a vector logo, and why do I need one?

As a business owner, you may think that having the most suitable logo to represent your business is crucial. In fact, you are right, but an equally significant factor is to make sure that your logo is saved in the right file format, otherwise all the effort that you put in to make your logo appear pixel-perfect will have been wasted. In this post, I explain what a vector logo is, how they work,...
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Goodbye 2020. Hello Pantone Colors of the Year 2021

The Color of the Year 2021 is out, and we are here for it. This time around, we have two colors- Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Together, they convey a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting- and we all could use some of it in 2021. Every year since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute chooses the Pantone Color of the Year. It is a benchmark for the whole creative...
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What kind of logo do you need for your business?

When clients ask us to design a logo for their business we always start with this discussion of what kind of “logo” they need. A “logo” is often made of a logotype and a logomark. But not every business needs both.A logotype stands for words or the name of a business that is designed in a customized way.A logomark is an identifying mark or symbol that doesn’t contain the...
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Say “Hello!” to our new website!

It's been long overdue for a makeover, and after 2 months of development we're pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website. Old Links to our Website Any old links to pages and blog posts should continue to work, but if you find something that isn't working you can let us know using the "feedback" tab on the new site, by email to [email protected], or through the live...
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If you'd like a free appraisal of your website, with advice on how it could be improved and a no-obligation quote to bring it up to date just drop us a line on or call freephone 0800 327 7540 (or 01793 230654 if you prefer!).

Kick-start the year with a new or updated website for your business #NewYearNewWebsite

With 2017 upon us now is a great time to take stock of your website and ask yourself if it is still working as hard for your business as you'd like? Customers like to see that businesses are keeping up with the latest digital trends, if your website feels dated to a customer there's a big risk they might go elsewhere! If you'd like a free appraisal of your website, with advice on how it could be...
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Why use mobile-friendly responsive?

We thought we'd post a little follow-up to our article about responsive design from August last year where we give an outline of what "responsive design" is as it's now more important than ever for your website to be responsive and mobile-friendly. In this post we've summarised our top three reasons why having a responsive, mobile-friend, website is essential to keep your business or...
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Taking a screenshot in Windows

We get asked a lot by customers how to take a screenshot, so here's a quick guide... Capturing Screenshots in all Versions of Windows All versions of Microsoft Windows have the built-in screen capture feature allowing you to capture either the entire screen or a single active window. The two options for capturing a screenshot are listed below: Press the Print Screen (sometimes marked as Prt...
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The Recipe for a Successful Logo

Creating a logo isn’t about packing as many clipart images as you can into one place and adding some text.  A logo should be a window into the heart of your organisation, it’s purpose to give people a feeling about your business, charity or organisation; a positive feeling at that and one that makes them feel at ease about approaching you. Some of the most successful logos contain only...
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