Responsive personnel sign on a building

Danny Kimber, Managing Director of Responsive Personnel, looks back on 2020

We here at O’Brien Media have asked our customers how they have found 2020 to be. Through the various lockdowns and guidelines, Danny Kimber shares how he and his team at Responsive Personnel have coped throughout these testing and unprecedented times. They also share how we here at O’Brien Media have helped them throughout the 2020.

Who would of thought that 2020 would pan out the way it has ? I am thankful and lucky that my business has excelled in these challenging times and I do feel for so many other businesses haven’t been as fortunate in these new ways of working. For me at Responsive Personnel, 2020 has meant that I have learned to trust my teams capabilities in making key decisions which in turn has enabled me to focus on the back end of the business more. With a change in CRM platforms and moving our website/email set up to O’Brien Media we are now in more control of our key data.

Within the business the focus has been on raising our service levels across the board to ensure we are there for our clients now even more than ever and I am pleased to see the reaction of my team to achieve this.

To end 2020 I think we all need to be grateful in seeing out this year and look forward to the positives that 2021 will bring.

Danny Kimber, Responsive Personnel Limited, Swindon

Danny in Swindon owns Responsive Personnel Limited which is a recruitment agency that are proven to create the perfect matches within the industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors.