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New WordPress powered website for Swindon based Fixed Locally

Having designed the previous brochure-style website for Fixed Locally owner Steve the continued growth of the business meant that the site outgrew it's humble beginnings and required an update to add additional features and make some content changes for SEO purposes.

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Project key facts

Project completedSeptember 27, 2019

Web development solution

We gave the design of the website a bit of a modern facelift, improved page load times by optimising images a and making use of next-generation image formats, and all while keeping the original WordPress framework in place.

Additional sections of content were added to the site, while some others were removed and updated for SEO purposes. We also added new enquiry features to refurbished PC and laptop listings so that visitors can request additional details or get int ouch to buy a specific PC or laptop. This feature was to act as a halfway point to full e-commerce functionality, which wasn’t yet required for the site.

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