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Small Business Spotlight: Benedykt and Sylvester

Who are Benedykt and Sylvester?

A mother of three children, Brittany has Benedykt, Sylvester, and their sister Otylia. They are a British/Polish family living in England.’

In 2015, Brittany married her husband Damian in Poland (his home country). In November 2016, they welcomed Benedykt into the world, and they are enjoying being parents ever since!

They welcomed Sylvester in the summer of 2018 and Otylia in 2020. Brittany and her husband raise their children in a “one-parent, one-language” bilingual home, which means she speaks to them in English and her husband speaks to them in Polish.

As a family business, they both work very hard behind the scenes. In addition to being expert product testers, the children have a huge say in product design.

When did Benedykt and Sylvester Ltd start?

The reason Brittany started this company was because after being inspired by Maria Montessori, she wanted to provide her children with tools and learning resources that would help them. When her first son, Benedykt, was a few months old, some of her friends in a mutual elimination communication group suggested she might be interested in Montessori. And they were right! Following 18 months of learning about Montessori “on the job”, raising her three children, Brittany started selling her designs in 2019.

The Montessori Method: Why?

For the most part, she has a natural affinity for the Montessori Method, and also she has seen the positive results of following Montessori principles more closely with her own children. Montessori can be studied professionally, but it is not necessary to do so to incorporate the principles into family life. Though it is more than just a parenting method or a method of education, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

So what does all this mean for customers of Benedykt and Sylvester?

Now Brittany spends all her time, energy, and passion on educating her three children, as well as on designing and creating innovative products that she uses to do this. She hopes that your children will enjoy her designs and develop a love of learning that will last them a lifetime. Additionally, Brittany writes a monthly blog, and she regularly updates the Instagram account, so you can see how they “do” Montessori in their everyday lives.


Benedykt is five years old and he loves dinosaurs, Lego Duplo and learning about space. Each night, Benedykt enjoys identifying the phases of the moon. The food he likes best is pizza, and he enjoys painting as well as watching “Little Einsteins” on TV when Mom allows it!


Definitely the brightest-dressed little boy you’ll ever see is Sylvester, who is 3 years old. His first word was “rainbow,” and that might have something to do with the rainbow clothes they have dressed him in since he was born! Sylvester loves Mickey Mouse and Erik! Emotions are his favourite topic to study, and he likes to identify where Tata comes from on his World Map.


Despite being the baby of the family, Otylia is very proficient at telling her parents what she wants and when she wants it. She is very lucky to have two big brothers who love her very much – they give her cuddles and kisses all day long.
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