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Get Search Stars Makes Your Reviews Visible in Search Results

Make your business website shine on Google with Get Search Stars

Make reviews from Facebook, Trustpilot, Etsy, Airbnb, and more visible on Google as shining stars!
Make Your Reviews Visible in Search Results

Get stars under your search results

Ever wondered why some web pages display yellow stars next to them on Google’s search results? It’s not favouritism or luck or some other form of arbitrary ranking system – It’s a simple piece of code that tells Google to display the reviews on its search listings. 

Sounds like techno mumbo jumbo right but it really is quite simple.

Our system allows us to add a simple piece of code to your website that then gathers all your reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Yell and Trustpilot and displays them right where your next customer will be searching – on Google!

This clever piece of code has revolutionised the way reviews are displayed on the internet. Previously, customers would have to visit your website or review platform to see them whereas now, they can see them all in one place.

How does Get Search Stars work?

Get Search Stars collects, bundles your reviews then displays them as golden stars in Google search results. Our clever software enables all your reviews to be shown beneath your Google Search Results.

Imagine that, all your Google, Facebook and industry-related reviews are bundled together and displayed as a total next to your Google search results.

What better way to tell potential customers that yours is the business they should contact.

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Chris Grant (he/him)

Why Websites with Review Ratings Shine in Search Results

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