WordPress change of domain name or site transfer

Migrating your WordPress website to a new domain is an extremely delicate task that should always be paired with a huge "handle with care" stamp.

When you need to move your WordPress website to a new domain address, it's not just a matter of copy-pasting some file to a new "home". It's a matter of making this process as smooth as possible and doing all you need to lower any loss within your SEO rankings that you gained with your old domain.

We can take care of the stress of moving your website from one server to another, including switching from an old domain name to a new website address.


In most cases we can perform a WordPress website transfer for a fixed fee of £130 - although for complicated websites the cost may be slightly higher (and for very small websites the cost is usually less!)

Next steps

Getting in touch to arrange for your WordPress website transfer is simple: just give us a call on 01793 230654drop us an email, or use the contact form if you prefer.