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Why BigCommerce’s new B2B Edition will change the way you do ecommerce!

Here at O’Brien Media, we love nothing more than sharing new developments that our partners at BigCommerce have come up with!

You may have read in our blog earlier this month about how they have launched their new B2B Edition.

This new blog post will go into detail about the brand-new features and all the benefits that BigCommerce’s new B2B Edition can bring to you and your business.

What are the key points about B2B Edition?

  • Captivate customers with the right experience and start selling faster – with B2B-optimised themes and robust pre-installed B2B features, this means that customers have optimum buying experiences that they are used to and mean that you don’t waste time on setting up your store and can spend more time on things that matter and grow your business!
  • Use a single ecommerce platform for both B2B and B2C – this means that the experience for commerce to both wholesale and retail customers is unified.
  • Integrate with existing systems – BigCommerce has the ability to integrate its platform with your important existing platforms such as ERP, PIM, and CRM through their versatile APIs.
  • Features that mean an easy path to purchase – features such as advanced shopping lists, advanced payment options, and buy again mean that customers can buy how they would like are used to!
  • You’re in control as to how you want to customise – with all of the B2B themes and the BigCommerce platform, you’ll have everything you need to start selling online and still maintain the ability to customise your site where it matters most.
  • The sales team will love BigCommerce – with the ability to create custom quotes and discounts quickly, and log in, shop, and purchase on behalf of customers, BigCommerce is a salesperson’s dream!
  • You’re always secure – BigCommerce take care of all the automatic updates, security changes, and hosting, so you have nothing to worry about!
  • Narrow down your customers with price lists and custom groups – provide custom pricing down to SKU level, bulk-buying discounts, and create promotions for select groups.
  • Corporate account management is easy for customers – customers can set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions based on their authority level.
  • Ensure that customers have everything they need before they access your store – restricted log in means that you can ensure that groups have merchants before they access any content.
  • Take away the pain of invoicing – the invoice portal allows customers to manage and pay invoices easily using credit card, ACH, payment order, or any valid payment method.

What are some of the new bits of functionality?

  • Price lists and customer groups
  • Corporate account management
  • Restricted log-in
  • Invoice portal
  • Sales representative masquerade and quoting
  • Shared shopping lists, buy again, and payment method visibility control

Read more about B2B Edition!

You can read about the new functionality of B2B Edition mentioned above in detail on the BigCommerce website here!

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