Personalised lanyards help you advertise your company while providing functionality to the wearer, regardless of whether they're staff members using their lanyard to keep their photo ID card close to hand or customers using them to hold keys or their own ID cards.

Lanyards make your brand identifiable at trade shows, schools and colleges, press conferences and seminars. They also serve a helpful purpose at events and in an office environment where IDs can be easily secured and displayed when required. If you want to stand out from the crowd, set yourself apart from your competitors with our branded lanyards.

Photo ID cards are essential to identify your staff to customers and to other staff and visitors in commercial environments. We can print individual photo ID cards for your staff ensuring that your customers or service users can be safe in the knowledge that the person they're dealing with represents your organisation, when coupled with our branded lanyards your staff will be ambassadors for your brand wherever they go while keeping their photo ID accessible at all times.

Buy lanyards and photo ID cards online in our print store or get in touch for more information.

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