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How to write unique and useful articles for your website

Successful writers have one thing in common and that is being able to write persuasive and highly engaging content on a regular basis over time. Every writer or blogger has their own style, though there are some basic pointers for writing unique and useful content that might be worth considering.

Below are some principles for writing highly engaging and unique contents:

Note that to gain good traffic and earn leads, you just have to write great content on your blog/website.

  1. Create Original Content

As you start writing – when it gets to the point where you don’t have anything useful to write/say further, simply don’t say it at all as this will make the content empty with loads of words. Even pros sometimes experience what’s known as writer’s block!

  1. Concentrate on Creating Powerful Headlines

We cannot overemphasize this point as writing a good strong headline for your article will help to build interest and invite readers into reading.

According to statistics, about 80 percent of prospective readers will read your headlines, and then just about 20 percent of these readers will actually read the rest of your content!

Your headlines appear to be the basis for which folks decide if they want to read your article or not.

  1. Create Content that is Actionable

The best kind of article to write should give your reader a sense of how to apply the information. Within your words, tell them what to do, provide them tips on applying what you are offering them.

  1. Provide Answers

When people query keywords within Google or any other search engine, what they typically need is an answer/solution, and the search engines do deliver well at this. So also it is when folks are reading your content — they simply want an answer so they can gain knowledge, hence make your article very easy to scan so folks can pick up the sensational, significant bits quickly.

  1. Be Correct in Your Reporting and Sourcing of Material
  2. Learn to communicate much better by simply adding great related Images and Video(s) to your article
  3. Consider Writing Straight to Point Short and Pointed Content
  4. Add the new article to your sitemap

You can do this by eliminating fluff – as there is nothing more superior than a brief, straight to the point blog content or article that is filled with good information.

Finally, accurate title, good sentence structure, and organization are a must. When you go through your article – ask yourself:

  1. Are there great content/words I can take out from this article?
  2. Have I provided the readers with the best data that I possibly can?
  3. Is the article COMPLETE?