Friday the 13th and Web Technology: Superstitions in the Digital Age

At O'Brien Media, we're no strangers to the world of web technology. We've seen it all: from the latest trends in web design to the most intricate coding challenges. But today, being Friday the 13th, we thought we'd take a light-hearted look at how superstitions might play a role in the digital realm. 1. The Unlucky Number 404 We've all encountered the dreaded 404 error page. It's the digital...
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Stressed Out by Your Browser Landing Page? Try Tabby Cat!

At O'Brien Media, we're always on the lookout for ways to make browsing the web a little more enjoyable. That's why we're thrilled to share with you our latest discovery: the Tabby Cat browser extension for Edge and Chrome! If you're someone who finds the default landing page for your browser a little stress-inducing (we know we are!), then Tabby Cat is the perfect solution. Instead of being...
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Spring into Action with a New Website this Easter

As the flowers start to bloom and the weather warms up, it's the perfect time to give your business a fresh start. And what better way to do that than with a new website? At O'Brien Media, we believe that having a great website is essential to standing out in the online world. With the increasing number of businesses going digital, it's more important than ever to make sure your website is...
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Celebrating 50 Years of Mobile: The Story of the First Mobile Phone Call

Today, we celebrate a significant milestone in the history of mobile communication. On April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola, made the first ever call on a true mobile phone while standing in a New York street. The call was made to his chief rival at Bell Labs, Joel Engel, which is believed to have been a cheeky move to gloat about his accomplishment. This momentous phone call...
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lamps with different colours on a shelves

The randomness of of lava lamps helps secure 10 percent of the internet

What’s encrypting your internet surfing? An algorithm created by a supercomputer? Well, if the site you’re visiting is encrypted by the cybersecurity firm Cloudflare, your activity may be protected by a wall of lava lamps. Cloudflare covers websites for Uber, OKCupid, & FitBit, for instance. The wall of lamps in the San Francisco headquarters generates a random code. Over 100  lamps, in...
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two students chatting on a classroom

We’re never going to stop trying to make fetch happen #MeanGirlsDay

When is there ever a day that isn't perfect to quote Mean Girls, but October 3rd is a particularly noteworthy date for the 2004 hit movie and its band of dedicated fans (myself included!). For those who don't know, October 3rd was the day when things started to heat up between Aaron Samuels and Cady. He asked her what day it was, and she replied, “It’s October 3rd.” Most fans celebrate...
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