Backing up your business has never been easier

You’ve probably taken out some form of insurance in the last year or two. Whether it be, car, home, business or life, you value the knowledge that whatever you’ve insured, it’s backed up in case the worst were to happen.

But what about the most important part of your business? Your data. Is that backed up? What would happen if you lost your data?

Backing up your data has never been easier with Acronis Backup Cloud from O’Brien Media.

When running a business that requires storage of sensitive data, backing it up should be your number one priority. It’s the heart and lifeblood of your business. What if you lost your customer database, or your outstanding orders? It could potentially damage your business beyond repair.

Your most important business asset is data. Backing it up has never been easier with the current cloud backup solutions available. One of the most effective is Acronis Backup Cloud from O’Brien Media.

Here’s why:

  • Acronis Backup Cloud offers Windows, Mac & Linux support
  • Gives you Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database backup capabilities
  • Bare metal restore options
  • Centralised backup schedule management
  • UK based secure storage of your backups

Securing your data, Securing your business

Acronis Backup Cloud offers secure security with powerful authentication capabilities, making sure that only users authorised to access your data can do so. Securely storing your data in the cloud means that its easily accessible from anywhere.

Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud uses excellent security techniques to ensure that backed-up data is 100% private and not accessible to anyone but you.

Why you need Acronis Backup for Cloud

Acronis Cloud Backup offers you the opportunity to have an easy-to-use, complete storage solution that will not interfere with the running of your business and save you time in having to manually back up your data.

All you need is a subscription and your secure account will be set up for you to begin using. You’ll be able to:

  • Perform local & remote backups in one easy step.
  • Backup everything— disks, partitions, servers and data.
  • Reliably recover anything — files, folders, applications, or an entire system
  • Enjoy peace of mind with your data secure in Acronis’ Datacenters

Get secure and take out your own subscription to Acronis Backup Cloud from O’Brien Media today.