People (men and women) in a line / queue at the supermarket

Back to business – What does post-lockdown business look like?

It has been over two months since the government asked us all to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With restrictions beginning to ease, businesses up and down the country are trying to figure out how to start welcoming customers again while minimising risk to themselves or their patrons.

According to the latest government statement, retailers who operate outdoors will now be allowed to resume operations, and other non-essential retailers are expected to open their doors on the 15th of June. But the shopping experience will still be very different from what it was back at the beginning of March.

Many of us will be used to seeing some of these measures at the supermarket, with limits on the number of people allowed in the shop at one time, and workers being encouraged to wear protective masks. On top of that, many businesses have announced extra steps to protect everyone from the risk of infection. For example, if your goods have been handled by a customer, you may want to consider putting them aside for 72 hours. That way, the product is far less likely to transmit the coronavirus from one customer to another.

In discussions with our clients, we have been told that staff and customers are being asked to respect the 2 metre (~6ft) rule at all times. Where possible, shops are also implementing one way systems and/or getting people to enter and exit the shop in different places. As always, staff are encouraged to wash their hands as regularly as possible, and customers are advised to use the hand sanitiser being made available in-store by most of our retail clients.

Businesses are also being encouraged to adopt click and collect systems, to make shopping easier and safer for customers willing to open a website or a mobile app. If you’d like to explore your options for minimising risk with digital solutions, get in touch with us here at O’Brien Media and we’ll help you find a way to make your operation as safe as it can be.