A hotfix release for an issue affecting some Drupal (Drush) installations was introduced by yesterday’s fix for SA-CORE-2019-002 has been released by the Drupal development team.

Download Size md5 hash
drupal-7.63.tar.gz 3.15 MB 926f05ef0acadfa4ea75fd1d94c8489c
drupal-7.63.zip 3.65 MB 466faca7b39a760bebdb7be99d6a658c

If you continue to experience issues with Drush following this update, try the following:

  1. Run update.php to ensure database updates are completed and to clear the site cache safely without Drush.
  2. Check the site status report to confirm that 7.63 was successfully installed.
  3. Test Drush again. If issues persist:
    • Rename your drush CLI file back to drush.phar.
    • Create a symlink named drush pointing to drush.phar

Alternately, try installing Drush with Composer instead of from a phar.

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