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Predictions for eCommerce Marketing Trends in 2022

To help you plan ahead, we have outlined some eCommerce marketing trends for 2022. In no time, you will be on top of your game and planning for a successful year. eCommerce marketing trends in 2022 include:

Loyalty to Customers

There is a growing trend of customer loyalty, with consumers more willing to switch brands than ever. In addition to the opt-out era and shoppers’ growing concern over data protection and privacy, brands need to work hard at building trust and cultivating human connections. The best way to achieve this is through meaningful eCommerce personalization combined with being transparent about data handling.

Third-parties and cookies: the end of days

A 2022 predictions blog wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the third-party cookie apocalypse, accelerated by Google’s announcement it will end support for third-party cookies in the Chrome browser (which is a major deal since Chrome occupies a considerable market share). Thus, eCommerce businesses must rethink their strategies in order to focus on personalizing the customer experience through other, more reliable methods, such as using first-party data.

‘Anytime, Anywhere’ online shopping

Nowadays, consumers shop through a growing number of channels. It is therefore imperative that you are where your shoppers are and give them access to faster, more flexible shopping options.

One eCommerce expert pointed out that push notifications are a key trend to watch. Brands can use push notifications to send more timely and relevant marketing messages. In the upcoming year, SMS marketing will also be a growing channel to have a presence on. A few experts have mentioned that having a clear omnichannel strategy is crucial to ensuring a connected customer experience across different channels by 2022.