You can hire a email marketing manager from just £195 per month

Creating Customer Engagement Participation Communication

Exceptional content designed to build your brand.

Maintain strong relationships with your customers.

Full delivery reporting (Open rates, Bounced emails, Click Throughs)

What Are The Benefits of Email Marketing?

An average return on investment of £41 is generated for every £1 spent on email marketing, making it the most profitable and cost-effective direct marketing channel. Simply because of this, email should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is like leaving money on the table if you don’t do it. Even so, if you’re a little unsure about where to begin, that’s totally fine. Email covers a wide range of topics, but getting us to create your emails and convert your subscribers into leads is easy!

How Does This Work?

It’s easy to sign up. Click the button at the bottom of the page to get started. You can choose from a few options; all you have to do is select your winning combination, and you’ll be set up in no time!

After that, you will need to fill out our onboarding form so that we can learn about your business and your email marketing goals.

We’ll start connecting our software as soon as we get access your contacts and form data. You can then sit back, relax, and relieve yourself of email marketing headaches.

Our Monthly Plans

The email management packages we offer are designed to be as cost-effective as possible. Check them out below also have unlimited contacts uploads!

Email Basic

Ideal for small or startup sites
£ 195 Monthly
  • Up to 20,000 Emails
  • Professional Looking Email Templates
  • Popups & Signup Forms
  • Segmentation & Customer Analytics
  • Sales & Performance Reports
  • Customer Support Via Email
  • SMS Available As An Add-on

Email Silver

Great for capitalising on growth
£ 295 Monthly
  • Up to 60,000 Emails
  • Professional Looking Email Templates
  • Pre-built Automations & Workflows​
  • Popups & Signup Forms
  • Segmentation & Customer Analytics
  • Sales & Performance Reports
  • Customer Support Via Email
  • SMS Available As An Add-on

Email Gold

Perfect for online stores and SMEs
£ 375 Monthly
  • Up to 100,000 Emails
  • Professional Looking Email Templates
  • Pre-built Automations & Workflows
  • Popups & Signup Forms
  • Segmentation & Customer Analytics
  • Sales & Performance Reports
  • A/B Testing of Campaign Performance
  • Customer Support Via Email & Phone
  • SMS Available As An Add-on
  • Track Calls from Your Campaigns


Upgrade Add-on
£ 95 Monthly
  • 1250 UK Text Messages

Frequently Asked Questions

All industries can benefit from email marketing. If you’re in business for the money, you need email marketing. A consumer who receives email marketing spends 83% more than a customer who doesn’t, while the average email marketing returns 122% – 4x more than any other digital marketing channel – and it is the only way that a business can communicate directly with its customers.
We work best with brands who want to grow their list and grow an audience of loyal, excited customers. If you work on Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Klaviyo or any other ESP, don’t sweat it. Our email experts will make the switch for you, free of charge.
Maintain contact with your customers by sending 1-2 weekly email blasts
Each industry has its own standard. As a general rule, most eCommerce businesses send email blasts twice a week or once a month. Subscribers receive these emails to keep up to date on business news, events, and promotions
Don’t worry if you don’t have any email marketing at the moment! We can help!
We can help you set up an ESP if you are new to email marketing and don’t already have one.

Email content can be provided by us. It’s up to you! Nevertheless, the more information and directions you provide in the email requests, the more guidance our team has to make better emails for you. You have full discretion to ask for revisions as needed to help us match your brand voice better. We would prefer to use images provided by you, especially for shots of your products or services. However, if you need visuals such as memes or unrelated content to your business, we are happy to provide them for you if requested.

You can count on us! Email [email protected] if you have any other questions that haven’t been answered.

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