You can download our brand guidelines, & brand voice, and tone guidelines below.

Brand Guidelines, & Brand Voice and Tone

You’re welcome to use the below as a guide of sorts but please don’t copy word-for-word (or page-for-page). A lot of effort went into producing these guides and they’re © copyright Pembroke Digital Limited trading as O’Brien Media.

OBrien Media Limited Brand Guidelines A4 (PDF)

OBrien Media Limited Brand Voice and Tone A4 (PDF)

Logo files (Vector, PDF)


Landscape Logo (Primary Format)

Landscape Logo (White on Brand Pink)


Logo Square (Primary Social Media)

Logo Square ( Secondary Social Media)

Desktop Wallpaper (Ultrawide)

Wallpaper 1

Emergency action plan

Are you looking for the staff/business operations emergency plan? You can find it on the emergency plan page.