Microsoft are rolling-out the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre

Microsoft  are introducing the all new Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. This is available to Targeted Release users now and will be available to all Office 365 users by the end of July. To use the new Microsoft 365 admin center now, just follow the steps below to enable the new Microsoft 365 Admin Centre for your organization.

Admins previously using the Office 365 admin center to manage Office 365 will now be switched over to use the Microsoft 365 admin Center. The Microsoft 365 admin center is your central location for managing and monitoring applications, services, data, devices, and users across your deployment. The Microsoft 365 admin center experience is very similar to the Office 365 admin center. The navigation is the same, and you’ll have the same granularity of control over your environment. As you add new apps and services like device management, those will light up in your left navigation pane. Most importantly, you’ll receive all the latest admin center updates and features as they become available. There will be no change to your Office 365 subscription or billing.

By the end of July, Microsoft will be updating the admin center links across Office 365 to use the new address.

To use the Microsoft 365 admin center now, and if you are not in Targeted Release, you can access your new admin center experience by navigating to