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New business communication tools announced by Facebook

Facebook has announced some new Messenger-focused updates for developers.

This blog post will outline these new tools and how they can help you better interact with customers and improve your business communication.

WhatsApp Business API

The new WhatsApp Business API will allow customers to receive information about your business directly on WhatsApp.

The advantage of this to a business is that it allows customers another way to find out information. It is also much easier now for a business to get set up on the service with the new API.

List and Reply options

The new List and Reply options mean that customers can make quick selections based on a list of pre-defined options which have been set by the business.

The advantage of this to customers and businesses is that it saves time and may also mean that it will answer questions that customers may not have thought of.

Instagram API

The Instagram API is the same as the Messenger API for Instagram. This is so that the APIs consolidate and automate business communications.

The benefit of this for customers is that the experience will be streamlined and improved, so that it will be similar to platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Login Connect

Login Connect allows for customers to opt-in to message with businesses directly.

Facebook has said that 70% of participants that have access to Login Connect chose to opt-in to the service. The benefit that this has is a deeper consumer engagement with businesses and enables customer service that is more personalised.

Read more about these newly announced tools

If you would like to know about these newly announced updates, you can read about them here.

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