Qr code scanning concept with people scan code using smartphone

QR Codes – What can they be used for in 2022 and beyond…

We have a lot of experience with QR codes – and use them on our own printed materials to direct customers to online versions of our printed brochures and will soon be adding them to our invoices to enable customers to quickly open a copy on their mobile devices. 

We also use them on our staff ID lanyard badges so that if someone wants a team member’s contact information at an event or meeting, they can scan the team members’ QR code to be taken to their team page on our website.  

We’ve been fans of QR codes for quite a while, even before the events of the Covid Pandemic brought them into everyone’s lives. Originally written in 2012, this blog post is based on a conversation with a taxi driver about their use of QR codes when they were barely known in the UK: QR Codes – Conversations with a Taxi Driver. 

Adding QR codes to product pages, and even informational pages, on your website can enable a seamless change of device for website visitors switching from a desktop or laptop to a smartphone at the scan of screen. 

It is not a myth that QR codes are here to stay, and we can help you adopt them as a way to better engage your website visitors. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly so we can set this up for you.