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In 2022, will hashtags still work? The answer may surprise you!

Does hashtagging work the way you expect it to? The simple answer is no hashtags do not work at least not in the way you think. As Mosseri said hashtags themselves will not boost your interaction or views simply just by adding them but it does help the algorithm identify what sort of content you’re posting. From what he’s said we can now see that hashtags are more so an aid to boosting your...
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Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Jargon

Especially for those outside the SEO industry, Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, can seem like a jargon-filled techie topic. You may have heard of SEO and optimising your website, but you don't want to talk to an expert about it, just because it's confusing!  Nevertheless, SEO is as simple as it sounds, optimizing your website so that search engines will favor it and rank it higher than...
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