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Office 365
Chris Grant

Office 365 feature update: Focus on your active teams

Are too many teams cluttering up your left rail? Over the next few weeks, teams you haven’t visited in more than 45 days will be automatically reordered and moved to the bottom “More” category so you can focus on teams you’re more active in.

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Chris Grant

[Infographic] A Minute on the Internet in 2019

A lot can happen in a minute. Sixty seconds can pass in the blink of an eye for someone mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or checking their email. Combine all those actions together and we have an extraordinary view of the life of the internet in a minute. 

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Tom Furmanski

Tom’s top tips for putting together better marketing emails

Getting started with emails can be the most intimidating part! Here’s my top three tips for where to begin. If you want your emails opened, read and clicked, it starts off with the subject line. The best subject lines are short, descriptive and give your clients a reason to explore your message further.

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Information security
Tom Furmanski

Update Easy WP SMTP – Vulnerability affecting thousands of sites across the internet discovered

The Easy WP SMTP plugin authors have released a new update, fixing a very critical 0day vulnerability. When leveraged, this vulnerability gives unauthenticated attackers the power to modify any options of an affected site — ultimately leading to a complete site compromise.The vulnerability, found only in version 1.3.9, has been seen exploited in the wild and impacts thousands of sites.

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