A minor change to how we handle emails to our general addresses

We have made a small change to the way we handle emails coming into our helpdesk via our general email addresses (for sales, support, billing, and general enquiries). From 11th April 2024, we will no longer accept emails generated using marketing systems into our helpdesk when we can identify that these emails have an “unsubscribe” process.

This is to combat an increased amount of spam coming into our helpdesk which is diverting our team’s attention away from answering genuine customer enquiries and should have no impact on emails sent from individuals and businesses from a computer, webmail system (eg. Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, etc), or smartphone app.

The method we are using is to detect the “List-Unsubscribe” instruction within the email data –  when we detect this the email will be logged to a log file but a helpdesk case will not be created and no acknowledgement will be sent. During the cutover period, a team member will be reviewing the emails that are being logged to make sure that no non-marketing emails are being rejected.

This doesn’t apply to emails sent directly to team members via their named email addresses.