The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. Between now and the end of the year, your competitors are going to be focusing their marketing efforts on creating Christmas promotions. Why? To get more customers through their doors, visiting their websites, and most importantly, spending money. They’ll also be thinking about reminding their customers that they are here to help. It’s all about having a sales and marketing eye on more business in 2018. So where do Company Christmas Cards fit in with that marketing plan?

Rekindle relationships with existing customers

Clearly, printing Christmas Cards and sending them to your customers is a great way to say thanks for the business this year. Of course, you’ll also send your best wishes for the festive season. It also  won’t hurt to remind your customers that you’ll be here in 2018! But beyond the obvious advantages, sending Christmas cards to your customers can also provide you with an opportunity to rekindle relationships with past customers, who are often just waiting to be re-engaged.

Add a personal touch to your cards – it’ll make a big difference

People like to be appreciated for their custom and their loyalty, and they often feel valued by personal contact, which is sadly lacking in the modern digital world. If you are putting in the effort to send a greetings card, don’t ruin it by printing your customers name in the card. Take a minute or two to write a short personal message, and sign the card. This little extra effort will go a long way to proving this is more than just a marketing exercise.

Reignite the excitement about your business…

A vast majority of Christmas cards are only ever seen once, if at all. They’re displayed on the office wall with a sea of other cards.  When the season is over, they’re thrown away. Step ahead of your competitors, and add value to your greetings cards. Include something in your card that prompts a call to action. How about a printed voucher for your customers to use in 2018? You could set up a landing page on your website and instruct recipients to visit the page to redeem a special offer. Alternatively you could ask for referrals and offer a prize to customers that refer a friend. The possibilities are endless.

Ready to get printing?

Give us a call on 01793 239239 or get in touch to discuss your requirements (big or small!) and for a no-obligation quote for your bespoke or personalised Christmas cards for 2017. From bulk printed cards to bespoke, individually personalised cards we can help. We can even arrange printing, stuffing, and posting of your cards!

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