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The End Of An Era! BlackBerry To Discontinue Key Services For Existing Phones In 2022

The company says that beginning January 4, the business’s smartphones will not be able to access the company’s provisioning services.

Even though it’s a prominent brand in the smartphone industry, BlackBerry is ceasing to offer significant services next year. Business smartphones will no longer have provisioning services on January 4, the company says. Consequently, it will not be able to connect to networks, including the mobile network. You may think this advertisement isn’t that significant because BlackBerry has a small market share.

Nevertheless, BlackBerry phones were the equivalent of the iPhone a few years ago. Keyboard-centric BlackBerry designs have led to high demand, especially among business workers who rely on their services for high levels of privacy and anonymity.

There won’t be much BlackBerry can do, as smartphones continue to change. Even though Android phones – which were once like cheap BlackBerry knockoffs – shifted their focus to touch screen interfaces, the introduction of the first iPhone rocked the industry. BlackBerry, on the other hand, was left behind. In it they questioned the popularity of on-screen keyboards and instead focused their attention on what businesspeople really rely on.

As a result, it took at least a year for the company to release the first-ever touchscreen phone. BlackBerry, which is now a minor competitor in the market, has opted to abandon its very own services in favor of Android. After a few phones that were undeniably attractive and lured some users, BlackBerry realized it could not keep up with the industry, and it left the hardware sector. The company sold BlackBerry-branded licenses to a few manufacturers but kept the security services.

Older BlackBerrys running its proprietary software will still be supported. Old phones still have their coolness. Since the last software update was released in 2013, BlackBerry OS won’t be affected too much by shutdown. It’s crazy that people still use the outdated BlackBerry phones. If there are any remaining users, BlackBerry is ready to say goodbye. BlackBerry says it won’t provide updates for its phones anymore on its FAQ page.

Due to that, they won’t be able to connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. They’ll eventually stop working and won’t offer “data, texts, calls, SMS, and 911 functionality”. BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Link are being retired on January 4.