CMS update notifications for our customers

If you host your WordPress or Drupal website with O’Brien Media we provide an enhanced CMS software reminder service. In addition to the built-in reminder options in WordPress and Drupal we will send you a notification email (and letter if your Drupal and WordPress version is very out of date) using the contact details we have on record for your account with O’Brien Media.

Starting from the 16th January 2017 we will be sending notifications whenever a new version of Drupal or WordPress is released, previously we sent one notification a month on or around your service renewal date (so if your account was created on the 10th of the month your update notification would be issued on the 10th of each month).

While this kept notifications,and customer inbox clutter, to a minimum it resulted in there being an unacceptably large gap between updates being released by developers and notifications being sent if customers weren’t checking for updates via Client Connect.

We hope these changes will help you to keep your site updated (and secure!) by sending notifications out within a few hours of release by WordPress and Drupal developers.